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Mangki Tadiba, how it began….

Once upon a time, there was Mangki Tadiba. He was xx. He did xx. The story goes on for an entire paragraph.

I guess I must have been 5 years old when I wrote my first short story. Pity I can’t for the life of me remember what I wrote anymore, and it is a real shame that I didn’t retain a copy of it either. What I do distinctly remember, was mum, dad and big brother clutching their sides laughing at the silliness from words all spelled wrongly.

I think this defines who I am. As such, I have decided to use this title against my start ups, to see if I develop something with this theme over time.

Big bro remembers how I ended the story, so with that I end this first post in the same way.

– DI AN –

PS: thanks bro for the ex-libris design. You have always been the best, and you still are. For interest in some of my bro’s stories (he’s a much talented writer than I am) please be sure to visit

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Congrats on your new blog and can’t wait to see whats next! Although maybe unintentional, mangki tadiba was and will forever be one of the funniest things I’ve ever read.

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